About Me

My name is David. I’m a 27-year-old entrepreneur, internet marketer, and visionary based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I specialize in Facebook marketing, video marketing, and brand start-ups.

From being a 16 year old in 2006 til about my 23rd birthday in 2013 have been the years I’ve spent working the 9 to 5. From my first job being at mcdonalds, to bussing tables, serving at applebees, night shift stocking, delivering pizza, etc. I’ve spent a total of 8 years of my life working for other people. Living from paycheck to paycheck with shit hours and surrounding myself with people who were also stuck in the same rabbit hole. I always felt as though I had a deeper purpose in life.

One night, on June 11th, 2011, I found myself having a deep, philosophical conversation about life, the universe, and existentialism with one of my best friends. I just experienced that high-on-life feeling: a rush of endorphins coursing through my brain. In that moment, I was fiercely inspired, and as soon as I got home I created the YouTube channel called iRelease. I initially wanted to record these conversations and insights, because I wanted other people to be able to experience that same endorphin rush. I knew deep down I wanted to inspire people.

But I couldn’t even bring myself to record these conversations, much less upload them to YouTube. I was too insecure about being on camera. Instead, I decided to create videos and use the words of the philosophical minds which had inspired me to inspire others to make revelations of their own. The words of Joe Rogan, Jon Taffer, Tony Robbins, and Les Brown. I knew these speeches would compel other people to feel the same sensation as well. I wanted others to sense this “iRelease feeling”, and I was convinced that these speeches would compel other people to evolve their perspectives on life, the future, and the world in similar ways.

Fast forward 7 years, I have my own news/media company. iRelease, LLC is a fast-growing publishing, news, and media organization which delivers digital content to a global audience of over 900,000+ Facebook users. My company focuses on educational content, inspiration, existentialism, spirituality, science, technology, and self-development.

Moving forward, my vision is to entertain and inspire people around the world by creating videos surrounded by valuable content mixed with entertainment.


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